Here Be Dragons...

Because I'm fascinated with them! Please be patient, though. This page has a lot of graphics on it, so it takes a while to load. It's worth the wait, though! I'll be adding more as I find unique and different takes on dragons. If you want to suggest some, please email me and let me know!

The Newest Arrivals:

I got two from my grandchildren for Christmas. The one of the left is from my oldest grand-daughter, Melanie, and the other from oldest grandson, Jonathan.


Click on the images fro larger versions


My Grandsons Help Highlight the Exhibit

A couple of the displays. Click for larger versions.



Above a door in the Vatican Museums.
Click for a larger image.
I see at least three dragons in this one and there may be more.

This is the original art for the book cover shown below. Unfortunately the colors don't show up as well as they should in my photograph. They're really beautifully vivid. More like the cover below but even it is a bit faded. This was a gift from my son, and it's now framed and hanging on the wall of my office. The artist is the extraordinary Peter Dennis.

Here's the book:

A must-have for anyone who loves dragons!
(Full disclosure: the author, Joseph A. McCullough, is my son)

Christmas present from my critique partner, Elysa Hendricks

I've found a number of dragons on walks around the neighborhood. Most recently, I spotted this (look closely at the base - close-up on the right):

On another walk, I spotted this gorgeous paint job on a car. Unfortunately, it was dusk and the light wasn't great for taking pictures with my camera phone, but I think you can still get the idea:

A birthday gift from my daughter and her family, picked out by my grand-daughter Melaniie, who understands! This one is an incense burner that belches smoke from the windows when incense is lit in it. This gorgeous dragon was a Christmas gift from my awesome critique partner, Elysa Hendricks.

The dragon on my Christmas Tree

The tall one in the back is my dragon toothbrush holder.
The prints are just a couple from a much more extensive collection.

A gift from wonderful digital artist, Christine Cartwright

Another gift, this one from Samandi.
She has a nice selection of both globes and dragons on her site, so take a minute and visit.

This snow globe reminds of Alsa and the dragon in Wizard's Bridge. Click here to read about Alsa's first meeting with the dragon in the book.Click the globe itself to go to the page where I found this. The link below takes you to Angel Star's bears page. Most of the dragon graphics on this page also come from Angel Star's Dragon Cave.

Snow Globe Certificate

Another Favorite Image (because it combines two of my favorite things: dragons and coffee!):

Meet my adopted dragon,which arrived on Jan. 2, 2000. She was named RAINBOW by my granddaughter.

                  Rainbow Birth Certificate                   Rainbow Dragon